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WTW Corporation is a professionally-managed Indian company. We are the fastest Growing Indian Company. The Growth of our company will be built on our solid foundation. We build our products and services around you and have a number of commitments to help ensure that our customer have the best possible experience with us. The focus of our company is on total customer satisfaction.

Mr. Prashant N Velhal the Founder & C.E.O. of WTW Corporation. A person with a dynamic personality. A self made entrepreneur Mr. Prashant N Velhal has been leading the charge of this innovative company with a vision to be amongst world’s most admired company for Service Excellence.

Mr.Prashant N Velhal is actively involved in social service. he is an alumnus of P.T.V. school Vileparle;A.E.T. Vileparle; B'Com Y.C.M.O.U. University Nashik; & E.D.P. From MSME hyderabad. he is an engineer.he think's in the world there are Millions of millionaire & thousands of billionaire are made But,no trillionaire in this World till exist. so, he has a dream to become a world’s first Trillionaire.

Our Vision


WTW Corporation shall be a professionally-managed Indian company.WTW Corporation is committed to improving the lives of our customers by providing quality services, products and solutions that earn their trust and Build life-time relationship. WTW Corporation shall be the most valued business partner of all our customers.


  • Ethics :

    Confidentiality and acting in the right way is fundamental.

  • Relationship :

    develop trust and respect. insurance of an honest relationship.

  • Success :

    The main aim of our company is to Focus on the customer, Build strong relationship with customer, Improve everyday & Earn more money.

  • Professionalism :

    To check all the information delivered to you and to answer your questions promptly. We available 7 Days per week.


Our guiding principles defining our character, influencing how we do our business, how we Operate internally and manifest in everything we do. Respect, Integrity, professionalism, Passion, Leadership, Empowering.

Real Estate

Real estate brokers and agents smooth out the stressful process of buying a house. Our Company’s property professionals use their skills to match prospective buyers with new homes, condos, business space, and land. The business side of the real estate business can be complex and Our real estate brokers and agents are trained to navigate the contracts, negotiations, and legal requirements of every sale. They can help the client order an inspection on the property, offer information on local utilities, and otherwise meet the particular requirements of our clients.

  • Interview clients to determine what kinds of properties they are seeking.
  • Visit properties to assess them before showing them to clients
  • Our trained Professional broker’s Advise clients on market conditions, prices, mortgages, legal requirements and related matters.
  • Investigate clients' financial and credit status to determine eligibility for financing.
  • Answer clients' questions regarding construction work, financing, maintenance, repairs, and appraisals.
  • Arrange meetings between buyers and sellers when details of transactions need to be negotiated.
  • Prepare documents such as representation contracts, purchase agreements, closing statements, deeds and leases.

Banking & Finance

Operational efficiency, integrity and a strong focus on catering to the needs of the Customer by offering him high quality and cost-effective products & services are the values driving of WTW Corporation. These core values are deep-rooted within the organization and have been strongly adhered to over the decades. We Provide :-

  • Business Loan.
  • Car Loan.
  • Home Loan.
  • Personal Loan


  • We are an honest insurance Consultant company, committed to doing what is right.
  • We serve our customers through long-term savings, protection and retirement solutions, delivered by our high quality Agency and Multi Channel Distribution Partners
  • We are a business with strong social relevance and contribute to society by supporting causes in health and well-being
  • Caring :Listens with respect and values differences – Acts with compassion
  • Credibility : Demonstrates knowledge and creates trust in others
  • Collaborative : Works together to achieve results
  • Excellence : Pursues highest quality

PassPort & Visa

A Passport is an essential travel document for those who are traveling abroad for education, tourism, pilgrimage, medical attendance, business purposes and family visits. During the last few years, the growing economy and spreading globalization have led to an increased demand for Passport and related services. The passport demand is estimated to be growing by around 10% annually.

We Provide simple, efficient and transparent processes for Making of New or Renewal passport and related services.( Visa & all Necessary Documentation )

Apply for a passport early and avoid expedited service fees. Applications for renewals should be submitted approximately nine (9) months before the expiration date due to the 6-month validity rule required by many countries.

If you have upcoming travel plans, make sure that the passport you will be using has at least six months of validity left. You won't be allowed to travel if your passport expires in six months or less, so submit your application as soon as you can.

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